Principle: Transparency and accountability to each other.

Clarification: Mutual accountability and accountability to the intended beneficiaries of our co-­operation, as well as to our respective citizens, organisations, constituents and shareholders, is critical to delivering results. Transparent practices form the basis for enhanced accountability.

Occurrence Bindings or notes
Transparency and accountability to each other (Busan Partnership) This is the source for this principle
Mutual accountability (Paris Declaration) mutual accountability (partner countries and donors) and transparency in the use of development resources
Accountability (Principles of Democracy) Focus on the accountability of elected and appointed officials to the people
Transparency (Principles of Democracy) Focus on transparency in government. A transparent government holds public meetings and allows citizens to attend. Access to information.
Remain engaged even in poorly governed countries so that “the poor do not pay twice.” ((Worldbank/ GAC key principles) Lack of transparency and accountability will not block engagement
Practice transparency and accountability (Istanbul Principles) Focus on transparency and accountability for CSOs

Examples and Counter-examples:

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