The codes in this category are to be used only when level of education is unspecified or unknown (e.g. training of primary school teachers should be coded under #crs11220 - Primary education).

CRS Codes in this category

#crs11110 -Education policy and administrative management Education sector policy, planning and programmes; aid to education ministries, administration and management systems; institution capacity building and advice; school management and governance; curriculum and materials development; unspecified education activities
#crs11120 -Education facilities and training Educational buildings, equipment, materials; subsidiary services to education (boarding facilities, staff housing); language training; colloquia, seminars, lectures, etc.
#crs11130 -Teacher training Teacher education (where the level of education is unspecified); in-service and pre-service training; materials development
#crs11182 -Educational research Research and studies on education effectiveness, relevance and quality; systematic evaluation and monitoring