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Educational buildings, equipment, materials; subsidiary services to education (boarding facilities, staff housing); language training; colloquia, seminars, lectures, etc.

The codes in category #dac111 - Education, level unspecified are to be used only when level of education is unspecified or unknown (e.g. training of primary school teachers should be coded under #crs11220 - Primary education).

#tags and topics

#ww88P - Education
#COFOG09 - Education
#cofog0950 - Education not definable by level (IS)
#cofog0970 - R&D Education (CS)
#cofog0930 - Post-secondary non-tertiary education (IS)
#cofog0911 - Pre-primary education (IS)
#cofog0912 - Primary education (IS)
#cofog0921 - Lower-secondary education (IS)
#cofog0922 - Upper-secondary education (IS)
#isic8521 - General secondary education
#cofog0942 - Second stage of tertiary education (IS)
#cofog0941 - First stage of tertiary education (IS)
#isic8522 - Technical and vocational secondary education
#isic8510 - Pre-primary and primary education
#SDT133 - improve education, awareness raising & human & institutional capacity on climate change mitigation, adaptation ..


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