Health sector policy, planning and programmes; aid to health ministries, public health administration; institution capacity building and advice; medical insurance programmes; unspecified health activities.

CRS Codes in this category

#crs12220 - Basic health care Basic and primary health care programmes; paramedical and nursing care programmes; supply of drugs, medicines and vaccines related to basic health care
#crs12230 - Basic health infrastructure District-level hospitals, clinics and dispensaries and related medical equipment; excluding specialised hospitals and clinics (#crs12191 - Medical services)
#crs12240 - Basic nutrition Direct feeding programmes (maternal feeding, breastfeeding and weaning foods, child feeding, school feeding); determination of micro-nutrient deficiencies; provision of vitamin A, iodine, iron etc.; monitoring of nutritional status; nutrition and food hygiene education; household food security
#crs12250 - Infectious disease control Immunisation; prevention and control of infectious and parasite diseases, except malaria (#crs12262 - Malaria control), tuberculosis (#crs12263 - Tuberculosis control), HIV/AIDS and other STDs (#crs13040 - STD control including HIV/AIDS). It includes diarrheal diseases, vector-borne diseases (e.g. river blindness and guinea worm), viral diseases, mycosis, helminthiasis, zoonosis, diseases by other bacteria and viruses, pediculosis, etc.
#crs12261 - Health education Information, education and training of the population for improving health knowledge and practices; public health and awareness campaigns; promotion of improved personal hygiene practices, including use of sanitation facilities and handwashing with soap
#crs12262 - Malaria control Prevention and control of malaria
#crs12263 - Tuberculosis control Immunisation, prevention and control of tuberculosis
#crs12281 - Health personnel development Training of health staff for basic health care services

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