Direct feeding programmes (maternal feeding, breastfeeding and weaning foods, child feeding, school feeding); determination of micro-nutrient deficiencies; provision of vitamin A, iodine, iron etc.; monitoring of nutritional status; nutrition and food hygiene education; household food security

Health sector policy, planning and programmes; aid to health ministries, public health administration; institution capacity building and advice; medical insurance programmes; unspecified health activities.

#tags and topics

#cofog0721 - General medical services (IS)
#cofog0722 - Specialized medical services (IS)
#cofog0724 - Paramedical services (IS)
#cofog0733 - Medical and maternity centre services (IS)
#cofog0740 - Public health services (IS)
#cofog0750 - R&D Health (CS)
#cofog0760 - Health n.e.c. (CS)
#SDG2 - End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture
#SDT022 - by 2030 end all forms of malnutrition, including achieving by 2025 the internationally agreed targets on stunting..
#SDG3 - Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages
#aaaa108 - Proper functioning of food commodity markets and their derivatives
#aaaa121 - R&D in health, food security, marine technology and biodiversity
#ww88I - Accommodation and food service activities
#ww88Q - Human health and social work activities
#isic5629 - Other food service activities
#isic8690 - Other human health activities
#icescr11 - the right of everyone to an adequate standard of living, including adequate food, clothing
72. -- Food Security
108-118. - Food security and nutrition and sustainable agriculture
Road Map for Cooperation in Food Security