CRS Codes in this category

#crs13010 - Population policy and administrative management Population/development policies; census work, vital registration; migration data; demographic research/analysis; reproductive health research; unspecified population activities
#crs13020 - Reproductive health care Promotion of reproductive health; prenatal and postnatal care including delivery; prevention and treatment of infertility; prevention and management of consequences of abortion; safe motherhood activities
#crs13030 - Family planning Family planning services including counselling; information, education and communication (IEC) activities; delivery of contraceptives; capacity building and training
#crs13040 - STD control including HIV/AIDS All activities related to sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS control e.g. information, education and communication; testing; prevention; treatment, care
#crs13081 - Personnel development for population and reproductive health Education and training of health staff for population and reproductive health care services