Water sector policy, planning and programmes; water legislation and management; institution capacity building and advice; water supply assessments and studies; groundwater, water quality and watershed studies; hydrogeology; excluding agricultural water resources (#crs31140 - Agricultural water resources).

5 digit Purpose Codes in this category

#crs14010 - Water sector policy and administrative management Water sector policy and governance, including legislation, regulation, planning and management as well as transboundary management of water; institutional capacity development; activities supporting the Integrated Water Resource Management approach (IWRM: see box below)
#crs14015 - Water resources conservation (including data collection) Collection and usage of quantitative and qualitative data on water resources; creation and sharing of water knowledge; conservation and rehabilitation of inland surface waters (rivers, lakes etc.), ground water and coastal waters; prevention of water contamination
#crs14020 - Water supply and sanitation - large systems Programmes where components according to #crs14021 - Water supply - large systems and #crs14022 - Sanitation - large systems cannot be identified. When components are known, they should individually be reported under their respective purpose codes: water supply [#crs14021 - Water supply - large systems], sanitation [#crs14022 - Sanitation - large systems], and hygiene [#crs12261 - Health education]
#crs14021 - Water supply - large systems Potable water treatment plants; intake works; storage; water supply pumping stations; large scale transmission / conveyance and distribution systems
#crs14022 - Sanitation - large systems Large scale sewerage including trunk sewers and sewage pumping stations; domestic and industrial waste water treatment plants
#crs14030 - Basic drinking water supply and basic sanitation Programmes where components according to #crs14031 - Basic drinking water supply and #crs14032 - Basic sanitation cannot be identified. When components are known, they should individually be reported under their respective purpose codes: water supply [#crs14031 - Basic drinking water supply], sanitation [#crs14032 - Basic sanitation], and hygiene [#crs12261 - Health education]
#crs14031 - Basic drinking water supply Rural water supply schemes using handpumps, spring catchments, gravity-fed systems, rainwater collection and fog harvesting, storage tanks, small distribution systems typically with shared connections/points of use. Urban schemes using handpumps and local neighbourhood networks including those with shared connections
#crs14032 - Basic sanitation Latrines, on-site disposal and alternative sanitation systems, including the promotion of household and community investments in the construction of these facilities. (Use code #crs12261 - Health education for activities promoting improved personal hygiene practices.)
#crs14040 - River basins' development Infrastructure focused integrated river basin projects and related institutional activities; river flow control; dams and reservoirs [excluding dams primarily for irrigation (#crs31140 - Agricultural water resources) and hydropower (#crs23220 - Hydro-electric power plants) and activities related to river transport (#crs21040 - Water transport)]
#crs14050 - Waste management / disposal Municipal and industrial solid waste management, including hazardous and toxic waste; collection, disposal and treatment; landfill areas; composting and reuse
#crs14081 - Education and training in water supply and sanitation Education and training for sector professionals and service providers