Specialised organisations, institutions and frameworks for the prevention of and combat against corruption, bribery, money-laundering and other aspects of organised crime, with or without law enforcement powers, e.g. anti-corruption commissions and monitoring bodies, special investigation services, institutions and initiatives of integrity and ethics oversight, specialised NGOs, other civil society and citizens' organisations directly concerned with corruption.

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#cofog0330 - Law courts (CS)
#cofog0131 - General personnel services (CS)
#cofog0111 - Executive and legislative organs (CS)
#SDT165 - substantially reduce corruption and bribery in all its forms
#aaaa23 - Illicit financial flows and corruption
#aaaa25 - UN Convention against corruption; Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative
#aaaa24 - Combating illicit financial flows, money laundering and terrorism financing
#aaaa112 - Public order and safety
#aaaa25 - UN Convention against corruption; Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative
#aaaa18 - Promoting peaceful and inclusive societies
#aaaa92 - Capacity for coping with illegal trade and activities
#aaaa20 - Principle of national ownership and capacity
Control of the abuse of power
02: Do no harm
05 Additional Obligations
35-36. Tackling tax havens and non-cooperative jurisdictions
85-89. Intensifying our Fight against Corruption
02. A global strategy for growth and jobs
253-268. VI. A. Finance
78. -- Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion
79-84. -- Financing, Tax Administrations, Revenue Systems, Transparency, ODA
90-95. Governance
Principle 1. Ownership
Regular, free and fair elections
Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI)