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Financial transfers to local government; support to institutions managing such transfers. (Use specific sector codes for sector-related transfers.)

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#cofog0112 - Financial and fiscal affairs (CS)
#aaaa48 - Blended finance instruments, public-private partnerships
#pacc09 - Finance
#aaaa132 - Annual Financing for development forum
#aaaa48 - Blended finance instruments, public-private partnerships
#aaaa50 - The important role of international public finance
#aaaa67 - Peacebuilding financing gap; Peacebuilding Fund
#aaaa75 - Development banks; safeguards; new financing mechanisms
#aaaa118 - Public finance, open access, innovation funds
#aaaa54 - International public finance, incl. ODA, to catalyse additional resource mobilization
#aaaa40 - Remittances
#aaaa81 - Market-oriented incentives to expand WTO-compatible trade finance
#aaaa69 - Innovative sources and mechanisms of additional financing
#aaaa25 - UN Convention against corruption; Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative
#nua118 - expand financing instruments for improving transport and mobility infrastructure and systems
06. Financial instruments
79-84. -- Financing, Tax Administrations, Revenue Systems, Transparency, ODA
253-268. VI. A. Finance
73-76. -- Infrastructure and its Financing
79-84. -- Financing, Tax Administrations, Revenue Systems, Transparency, ODA
15 International Assistance
Art. 16 Financial entitlements of members in the event of resignation or expulsion
05.3 Funding windows and fund structure


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