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Operation or support of institutions dealing with national standards development. (Use code #crs16062 - Statistical capacity building for statistical capacity-building.)

#tags and topics

#cofog0132 - Overall planning and statistical services (CS)
#cofog0133 - Other general services (CS)
#cofog0111 - Executive and legislative organs (CS)
#isic7210 - Research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering
#isic7220 - Research and experimental development on social sciences and humanities
National Government
The Standards and Trade Development Facility
ISO Standards development
The Standards and Trade Development Facility
69-71. Development: Investing for Global Growth
World Intellectual Property Organization
02.3 Rules of procedure of the Board
ISO 26000 - Guidance on social responsibility
01. Objectives and guiding principles
#SDT1718 - capacity building support to increase significantly the availability of high-quality, timely and reliable data
#pacc11 - Capacity building
056-074. III. Green economy ...
#a4i2g - II.G. Science, technology, innovation and capacity-building
#rio09 - Cooperate to strengthen endogenous capacity-building
277-280. VI. C. Capacity building
Art. 35 Capacity Building and Technical Assistance
#aaaa107 - Instruments for financial risk management and capacity-building
#SDT06a - by 2030, expand international cooperation & capacity-building support to developing countries in water & sanitation..
#SDT179 - enhance international support for implementing effective and targeted capacity building in developing countries..


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