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Assistance to strengthen key functions of legislatures/ parliaments including subnational assemblies and councils (representation; oversight; legislation), such as improving the capacity of legislative bodies, improving legislatures, committees and administrative procedures; research and information management systems; providing training programmes for legislators and support personnel. Assistance to political parties and strengthening of party systems.

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#cofog0111 - Executive and legislative organs (CS)
#COFOG01 - General Public Services
#cofog0160 - General public services n.e.c. (CS)
#cofog0150 - R&D General public services (CS)
#isic8411 - General public administration activities
#isic9492 - Activities of political organizations
#SDT102 - by 2030 empower & promote the social, economic & political inclusion of all irrespective of age, sex, disability...
Party leader
Political tolerance
International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
#iccpr41 - A State Party not fulfilling its obligations
#pacc16 - Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Paris Agreement (CMA)
02.1 Relationship to the Conference of the Parties
23 Relations with States not party to this Treaty
International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights - #iccpr
High-level political forum on sustainable development
084-086. - High level political forum
05: Recognise the links between political, security and development objectives
Multi-party system
Principles of democracy
Member of Parliament
European Parliament
AGORA Atlas: Parliaments
Global Centre for ICT in Parliament
21 Parliaments and local governments play critical roles
IPU Strategy 2012-2017: Better parliaments, stronger democracy
Guidelines for parliamentary websites
Parliamentary Committees
Parliamentary Monitoring Organization
Inter-Parliamentary Union


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