Supervision and regulation of users, operations, construction and maintenance of transport systems (registration, licensing, inspection of equipment, operator skills and training; safety standards, franchises, tarriffs, levels of service, etc.)

Transport sector policy, planning and programmes; aid to transport ministries; institution capacity building and advice; unspecified transport; activities that combine road, rail, water and/or air

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#cofog0451 - Road transport (CS)
#cofog0452 - Water transport (CS)
#cofog0453 - Railway transport (CS)
#cofog0454 - Air transport (CS)
#cofog0455 - Pipeline and other transport (CS)
#cofog0485 - R&D Transport (CS)
#cofog0360 - Public order and safety n.e.c. (CS)
#SDT036 - by 2020 halve global deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents
#isic3315 - Repair of transport equipment, except motor vehicles
#isic8413 - Regulation of and contribution to more efficient operation of businesses
#isic8423 - Public order and safety activities
#isic7912 - Tour operator activities
#aaaa90 - Enhanced Integrated Framework for Trade-related Technical Assistance; women's participation; logistics
182. - Landlocked least developed countries
Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) - #cofog0132US @TransportStats