Computer hardware and software; internet access; IT training. When sector cannot be specified

#tags and topics

#ww88J - Information and communication
#cofog0133 - Other general services (CS)
#cofog0460 - Communication (CS)
#cofog0486 - R&D Communication (CS)
#SDT09c - significantly increase access to ICT and strive to provide universal & affordable access to internet in LDCs
#SDT05b - enhance the use of enabling technologies, in particular ICT, to promote women’s empowerment
#isic6209 - Other information technology and computer service activities
#isic4651 - Wholesale of computers, computer peripheral equipment and software
#isic4741 - Retail sale of computers, peripheral units, software and telecommunications equipment in specialized stores
#isic5820 - Software publishing
#isic6202 - Computer consultancy and computer facilities management activities
#isic6201 - Computer programming activities
#aaaa114 - Uneven innovative capacity, connectivity and access to technology
Global Centre for ICT in Parliament
Access to Information officer
Principles of Innovation (Principles for Digital Development)
e-Agriculture (Community of Practice)
Reform of European Standardisation System
4.1.c - Review national ICT/connectivity strategies for Higher Education
Association for Progressive Communications
3.2.a - The higher education context
042-055. II. C. Engaging major groups and other stakeholders
Internet Governance Forum
Sec. 102(c)(2)(B) Internet Search Engines
Sec. 102(c)(2)(D) Internet advertising services