CRS Codes in this category

#crs23210 - Energy generation, renewable sources – multiple technologies Renewable energy generation programmes that cannot be attributed to one single technology (codes #crs23220 - Hydro-electric power plants through #crs23270 - Biofuel-fired power plants below). Fuelwood/charcoal production should be included under forestry #crs31261 - Fuelwood/charcoal.
#crs23220 - Hydro-electric power plants Including power-generating river barges
#crs23230 - Solar energy Including photo-voltaic cells, solar thermal applications and solar heating
#crs23240 - Wind energy Wind energy for water lifting and electric power generation
#crs23250 - Marine energy Including ocean thermal energy conversion, tidal and wave power
#crs23260 - Geothermal energy Use of geothermal energy for generating electric power or directly as heat for agriculture, etc.
#crs23270 - Biofuel-fired power plants Use of solids and liquids produced from biomass for direct power generation. Also includes biogases from anaerobic fermentation (e.g. landfill gas, sewage sludge gas, fermentation of energy crops and manure) and thermal processes (also known as syngas); waste-fired power plants making use of biodegradable municipal waste (household waste and waste from companies and public services that resembles household waste, collected at installations specifically designed for their disposal with recovery of combustible liquids, gases or heat). See code #crs23360 - Non-renewable waste-fired electric power plants for non- renewable waste-fired power plants.