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Micro credit, savings and credit co-operatives etc.

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#aaaa43 - Promote finance for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises
#isic6492 - Other credit granting
#aaaa16 - Full and productive employment and decent work for all; promoting micro, small and medium-sized enterprises
#isic6492 - Other credit granting
#isic8291 - Activities of collection agencies and credit bureaus
#pgrfa18 - Financial Resources
#aaaa81 - Market-oriented incentives to expand WTO-compatible trade finance
#aaaa43 - Promote finance for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises
#aaaa110 - Issues with credit-rating (agencies)
#aaaa45 - Foreign direct investment, aligned with national sustainable development strategies
#aaaa46 - Investment promotion regimes for least developed countries
#aaaa39 - Full and equal access to formal financial services for all
#crc04 - Measures bound by available resources; international co-operation
#SDT0810 - strengthen the capacity of domestic financial institutions to encourage and to expand access to banking, insurance..
#SDT093 - increase the access of small-scale industrial & other enterprises, particularly in developing countries,to financial..
73-76. -- Infrastructure and its Financing
23-27. Meeting our commitments notably on banks, OTC derivatives, compensation practices and credit rating agencies, and ...
Credit card user
Co-operative Principles
6th Principle: Co-operation among Co-operatives
International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
Busan Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation
15-17 Improving the quality and effectiveness of development co-­operation


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