CRS Codes in this category

#crs31110 - Agricultural policy and administrative management Agricultural sector policy, planning and programmes; aid to agricultural ministries; institution capacity building and advice; unspecified agriculture
#crs31120 - Agricultural development Integrated projects; farm development
#crs31130 - Agricultural land resources Including soil degradation control; soil improvement; drainage of water logged areas; soil desalination; agricultural land surveys; land reclamation; erosion control, desertification control
#crs31140 - Agricultural water resources Irrigation, reservoirs, hydraulic structures, ground water exploitation for agricultural use
#crs31150 - Agricultural inputs Supply of seeds, fertilizers, agricultural machinery/equipment
#crs31161 - Food crop production Including grains (wheat, rice, barley, maize, rye, oats, millet, sorghum); horticulture; vegetables; fruit and berries; other annual and perennial crops. [Use code #crs32161 - Agro-industries for agro-industries.]
#crs31162 - Industrial crops/export crops Including sugar; coffee, cocoa, tea; oil seeds, nuts, kernels; fibre crops; tobacco; rubber. [Use code #crs32161 - Agro-industries for agro-industries.]
#crs31163 - Livestock Animal husbandry; animal feed aid
#crs31164 - Agrarian reform Including agricultural sector adjustment
#crs31165 - Agricultural alternative development Projects to reduce illicit drug cultivation through other agricultural marketing and production opportunities (see code #crs43050 - Non-agricultural alternative development for non-agricultural alternative development)
#crs31166 - Agricultural extension Non-formal training in agriculture
#crs31181 - Agricultural education/training
#crs31182 - Agricultural research Plant breeding, physiology, genetic resources, ecology, taxonomy, disease control, agricultural bio-technology; including livestock research (animal health, breeding and genetics, nutrition, physiology)
#crs31191 - Agricultural services Marketing policies & organisation; storage and transportation, creation of strategic reserves
#crs31192 - Plant and post-harvest protection and pest control Including integrated plant protection, biological plant protection activities, supply and management of agrochemicals, supply of pesticides, plant protection policy and legislation
#crs31193 - Agricultural financial services Financial intermediaries for the agricultural sector including credit schemes; crop insurance
#crs31194 - Agricultural co-operatives Including farmers' organisations
#crs31195 - Livestock/veterinary services Animal health and management, genetic resources, feed resources