CRS Codes in this category

#crs32110 - Industrial policy and administrative management Industrial sector policy, planning and programmes; institution capacity building and advice; unspecified industrial activities; manufacturing of goods not specified below
#crs32120 - Industrial development
#crs32130 - Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) development Direct support to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the industrial sector, including accounting, auditing and advisory services
#crs32140 - Cottage industries and handicraft
#crs32161 - Agro-industries Staple food processing, dairy products, slaughter houses and equipment, meat and fish processing and preserving, oils/fats, sugar refineries, beverages/tobacco, animal feeds production
#crs32162 - Forest industries Wood production, pulp/paper production
#crs32163 - Textiles, leather and substitutes Including knitting factories
#crs32164 - Chemicals Industrial and non-industrial production facilities; includes pesticides production
#crs32165 - Fertilizer plants
#crs32166 - Cement/lime/plaster
#crs32167 - Energy manufacturing Including gas liquefaction; petroleum refineries
#crs32168 - Pharmaceutical production Medical equipment/supplies; drugs, medicines, vaccines; hygienic products
#crs32169 - Basic metal industries Iron and steel, structural metal production
#crs32170 - Non-ferrous metal industries
#crs32171 - Engineering Manufacturing of electrical and non-electrical machinery, engines/turbines
#crs32172 - Transport equipment industry Shipbuilding, fishing boats building; railroad equipment; motor vehicles and motor passenger cars; aircraft; navigation/guidance systems
#crs32182 - Technological research and development Including industrial standards; quality management; metrology; testing; accreditation; certification

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