Covers activities concerned with conservation, protection or amelioration of the physical environment without sector allocation.

CRS Codes in this category

#crs41010 - Environmental policy and administrative management Environmental policy, laws, regulations and economic instruments; administrational institutions and practices; environmental and land use planning and decision-making procedures; seminars, meetings; miscellaneous conservation and protection measures not specified below
#crs41020 - Biosphere protection Air pollution control, ozone layer preservation; marine pollution control
#crs41030 - Bio-diversity Including natural reserves and actions in the surrounding areas; other measures to protect endangered or vulnerable species and their habitats (e.g. wetlands preservation)
#crs41040 - Site preservation Applies to unique cultural landscape; including sites/objects of historical, archeological, aesthetic, scientific or educational value
#crs41050 - Flood prevention/control Floods from rivers or the sea; including sea water intrusion control and sea level rise related activities
#crs41081 - Environmental education/ training
#crs41082 - Environmental research Including establishment of databases, inventories/accounts of physical and natural resources; environmental profiles and impact studies if not sector specific

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