Measures to co-ordinate delivery of humanitarian aid, including logistics and communications systems; measures to promote and protect the safety, well-being, dignity and integrity of civilians and those no longer taking part in hostilities. (Activities designed to protect the security of persons or property through the use or display of force are not reportable as ODA.)

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#cofog0220 - Civil defence (CS)
#cofog0210 - Military defence (CS)
#cofog0310 - Police services (CS)
#cofog0350 - R&D Public order and safety (CS)
#cofog0360 - Public order and safety n.e.c. (CS)
#cofog0460 - Communication (CS)
#ww88N - Administrative and support service activities
#ww88J - Information and communication
#isic8211 - Combined office administrative service activities
#tgb10 - Enhance engagement between humanitarian and development actors
#tgb07 - Increase collaborative humanitarian multi-year planning and funding
#tgb04 - Reduce duplication and management costs with periodic functional reviews
#udhr03 - Right to life, liberty and security of person
Multilateral Aid Review
05: Recognise the links between political, security and development objectives
Association for Progressive Communications