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ISIC Rev. 4 description of #isic1072 - Manufacture of sugar (activity) (United Nations Statistics Division website).

Sector objectives & options

What are feasible objectives for this economic activity in your city or community? Taking into consideration dependencies on the performance of other activities, what options exist to achieve below objectives for this economic activity?

objectives & options (split out for national, regional and local)

How will these objectives be affected by the Sustainable Development Goals and Targets1?:

  1. What are suitable arrangements for training the human resources in this sector? (Pico level)
  2. What are preferable (legal) structures for producing the goods or delivering the services: cooperative2, private corporation, public-private partnership, charity, membership organisation? (Micro level)
  3. What aspects of the sector assets should be managed in a cooperative (e.g. irrigation schemes), via charity, or in a sector federation? (Meso level)
  4. What are suitable fiscal and regulatory arrangements for the professions? Should the profession be protected? Should the sector be protected from foreign competition? Should the fiscal regime be local, national, or international? (Macro level)

Gap & diagnostics

What is the Gap between the current Regime for this sector in your country, state, province or town (AS-IS) and a regime that meets the objectives (for the TO-BE)?

Why are we not capable to achieve the objective for this socio-economic activity?


In answering the Why? question give attention to various dimensions of the gap, which usually is caused by a wicked problem;

  1. Do education programs exist for people? And if so: in which schools? Are the subjects taught kept up-to date?
    1. For people who would be leading the businesses or organisations that produce the goods, or deliver the services?
    2. For people who would be performing the work? (Address this question for all professions required)
  2. Do domestic regulations provide a regulatory framework that is conducive for this kind of businesses to be established?
  3. Does poor performance of #isic1072 - Manufacture of sugar imply social, environmental or health impacts and risks? How have are risks being addressed and mitigated successfully?


What guidelines regarding #isic1072 - Manufacture of sugar can be formulated for the roles involved?

Try to pay attention to roles3 at all levels in the social architecture.


  • Pico:
  • Micro:
  • Meso:
  • Macro:


Below resources may support you in answering the questions stated before.

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We may include resources in the table below.

CPC Ver. 2 description of (product/service) Subclasses …

Resource links
OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2014 Chapter about Sugar: Abstract: This chapter describes the market situation and the latest set of quantitative medium-term projections for global and national sugar markets for the ten crop-year period, 2014-23. It covers the developments expected in world and national sugar prices, production, use, trade (imports and exports) and stocks (including stock-to-use). The quantitative projections are developed using the partial equilibrium Aglink-Cosimo model of world agriculture. The chapter also includes two boxes that explain market impacts of EU sweetener production quotas and the challenges that the US sugar programme faces in removing sugar surpluses. The chapter concludes with a discussion of some main issues and uncertainties that may have an impact on the medium-term outlook for sugar. These include sugar policies, and specific market developments influencing production, consumption and trade in sugar.

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