#isic0149 - Raising of other animals

This class includes:

  • raising and breeding of semi-domesticated or other live animals (#cpc0219):
    • ostriches and emus
    • other birds (except poultry)
    • insects
    • rabbits and other fur animals
  • production of fur skins (#cpc0295), reptile or bird skins from ranching operation
  • operation of worm farms, land mollusc farms (#cpc044), snail farms etc. (#cpc0292)
  • raising of silk worms, production of silk worm cocoons (#cpc:0294)
  • bee-keeping and production of honey and beeswax (#cpc0291)
  • raising and breeding of pet animals (except fish):
    • cats and dogs
    • birds, such as parakeets etc.
    • hamsters etc.
  • raising of diverse animals

This class excludes:

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For the correspondence with CPC: #isic0149 - Raising of other animals (Ens Dictionary).

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