#isic0230 - Gathering of non-wood forest products

Includes the gathering of non-wood forest products and other plants growing in the wild.

This class includes:

  • gathering of wild growing materials:
    • mushrooms, truffles (#cpc0127)
    • berries (#cpc0135)
    • nuts (#cpc0137)
    • balata and other rubber-like gums (#cpc0321)
    • cork (#cpc0322)
    • lac and resins
    • balsams
    • vegetable hair
    • eelgrass
    • acorns, horse chestnuts
    • mosses and lichens (#cpc0324)

This class excludes:

#tagcoding hashtag: #isic0230

For the correspondence with CPC: #isic0230 - Gathering of non-wood forest products (Ens Dictionary).

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