#isic4390 - Other specialized construction activities

This class includes:

  • construction activities specializing in one aspect common to different kind of structures (#cpc5454), requiring specialized skill or equipment:
    • construction of foundations, including pile driving (#cpc5451)
    • damp proofing and water proofing works (#cpc5453)
    • de-humidification of buildings
    • shaft sinking
    • erection of non-self-manufactured steel elements (#cpc5455)
    • steel bending
    • bricklaying and stone setting (#cpc5456)
    • roof covering for residential buildings (#cpc5452)
    • scaffolds and work platform erecting and dismantling, excluding renting of scaffolds and work platforms (#cpc5457)
    • erection of chimneys and industrial ovens (#cpc5459)
    • work with specialist access requirements necessitating climbing skills and the use of related equipment, e.g. working at height on tall structures
  • subsurface work
  • construction of outdoor swimming pools
  • steam cleaning, sand blasting and similar activities for building exteriors
  • renting of cranes with operator

This class excludes:

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