#isic5510 - Short term accommodation activities

Includes the provision of accommodation, typically on a daily or weekly basis, principally for short stay by visitors. This includes the provision of furnished accommodation in guest rooms and suites or complete self-contained units with kitchens, with or without daily or other regular housekeeping services, and may often include a range of additional services such as food and beverage services, parking, laundry services, swimming pools and exercise rooms, recreational facilities and conference and convention facilities.

This class includes the provision of short-term accommodation provided by:

  • hotels (#cpc5312)
  • resort hotels
  • suite / apartment hotels
  • motels
  • motor hotels
  • guesthouses
  • pensions
  • bed and breakfast units
  • visitor flats and bungalows
  • time-share units (#cpc7221)
  • holiday homes
  • chalets, housekeeping cottages and cabins (#cpc6311)
  • youth hostels and mountain refuges

This class excludes:

  • provision of homes and furnished or unfurnished flats or apartments for more permanent use, typically on a monthly or annual basis, see division #isic68 - Real estate activities

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