#isic8610 - Hospital activities

This class includes:

  • short- or long-term hospital activities, i.e. medical, diagnostic and treatment activities, of general hospitals (e.g. community and regional hospitals, hospitals of non-profit organizations, university hospitals, military-base and prison hospitals) and specialized hospitals (e.g. mental health and substance abuse hospitals, hospitals for infectious diseases, maternity hospitals, specialized sanatoriums)

The activities are chiefly directed to inpatients, are carried out under the direct supervision of medical doctors (#cpc9311) and include:

  • services of medical and paramedical staff
  • services of laboratory and technical facilities, including radiologic and anaesthesiologic services
  • emergency room services
  • provision of operating room services, pharmacy services, food and other hospital services
  • services of family planning centres providing medical treatment such as sterilization and termination of pregnancy, with accommodation

This class excludes:

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