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Summary Description

The International Association of National Public Health Institutes – IANPHI – is a global initiative that aims to develop stronger and more coordinated public health systems through the development and support of national public health institutes – or NPHIs.

IANPHI is also a professional association for NPHI directors, providing a platform for advocacy and collective action in addressing public health challenges and opportunities.

About 60 members, listed here:

These are either:

  • Institutional Members (conducting public health functions as defined in the NPHI framework),
  • Associate Members an institute or organization from a country that does not currently have an NPHI but has potential for NPHI creation or has been designated as a potential NPHI by the national government.

Foundation Partners: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation

Global public health partners: World Health Organization


Aim & Objectives

To link and strengthen the world's national public health institutes, boosting countries' capacity to identify and prevent health risks and ultimately save lives.

Ensure that each country has a proper functioning National Public Health Institute.

Given the diverse ways in which established NPHIs were created – identify why they were formed, key ingredients in their success, and barriers to greater impact.

For developing countries, to define the suitable scope and mandate of the public health institutions, alongside other health institutions.

Claims & Core Values

Health as a global responsibility and a basic human right crossing borders, politics and cultures.

Improved public health capacity.

(through service, research and training, in order to improve the health of populations and reduce health disparities.

A peer-assistance model of grant support and efforts focused on NPHI advocacy, collaboration and sustainability.

Through a peer-to-peer approach help low-resource countries develop or improve their NPHI capacity and infrastructure.

Foster an international network that links the assets and solutions of NPHIs around the world for the benefit of all.


Of the Association

(From means of action, Art. I - 3 of the constitution.

In the fulfillment of its mission, the Association will in particular use the following means:

  • Identify and disseminate strategies to strengthen the role and improve the functions of the institutes;
  • Provide a forum for communication among member institutes;
  • Encourage establishment and support the expansion of the concept and capabilities of national institutes of public health;
  • Identify and expand funding resources to support National Public Health Institutes in their missions for promoting and protecting public health in their countries;
  • Initiate co-operative actions and help build international and national coalitions with other organizations whose mission is to improve the public health.
  • Promote awareness and understanding of the critical roles played by national institutes in public health.

Functions & Attributes of Members

Of the 11 Essential Public Health Functions, listed in [1], three are particularly important for an NPHI:

  • (1) Evaluation and analysis of health status
  • (2) Public health surveillance, problem investigation, and control of risks and threats to public health
  • (10) Public health research.


IANPHI's project tools include the Framework for the Creation and Development of National Public Health Institutesurl, which characterizes the community and range of NPHIs, describes their core attributes and functions, and provides a basis for assessing NPHIs and supporting their development.

IANPHI's grant portfolio includes three types of projects:

  • Long-term engagements to establish new NPHIs or transform existing institutes into more comprehensive NPHIs
  • Targeted assistance to boost capacity of NPHIs
  • Seed grants to support the NPHI research agenda

For the association, see the IANPHI Constitution.

[1] lists attributes that NPHI's should meet to be effective, and functions it should fulfil (code of practice).

The NPHI Toolkit provides access to a variety of web-based information resources for NPHI development and growth. Access here:

1. IANPHI, 2009, National Public Health Institutes
Core Functions & Attributes,