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(the link to the country level Private Sector Development Groups is included in the initiative books (COFOG 04.1).

Summary Description

The DCED is the forum in which donor and UN agencies share their practical experience of Private Sector Development (PSD), and agree guidance on good practice. It is also a leading source of knowledge about PSD.


Aim & Objectives

  • share their practical experience of Private Sector Development (PSD)
  • agree guidance on good practice

Claims & Core Values

For a detailed presentation on values, see this briefing note.

Private sector development is an essential aspect of development for these reasons:

  • Improving Incomes and Services: PSD is a pragmatic answer to the challenge of reducing poverty sustainably
  • Emerging from Charity: Nobody wants charity to go on indefinitely
  • Promoting Economic Growth: PSD promotes economic growth, leading to jobs and economic opportunities
  • Partnering for Development: By partnering with business, we can achieve development goals cost-effectively