Sector: #COFOG01 - General Public Services and #COFOG06 - Housing and Community Amenities

It is time to think urban: how to mobilise the global community and focus all levels of human settlements, including small rural communities, villages, market towns, intermediate cities and metropolises for demographic and economic growth.

Habitat III can help systematise the alignment between cities and towns and national planning objectives in their role as drivers of national economic and social development.

The New Urban Agenda is a key intended outcome of Habitat III with challenges and approach explained at the Habitat III website.

The New Urban Agenda will be agreed at Habitat III, United Nations
Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat III) from 17 to 20 October 2016 in Quito, Ecuador. The wiki-edition below is based on the revised zero draft of June 18, 2016, which can be downloaded from Habitat III - zero draft.

It includes these headings, articles and chapters:

Quito Declaration on Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements for all

#nua0 - Preamble (of the implementation plan)

Quito Implementation Plan for the New Urban Agenda

#nua023 - We resolve to use the Quito Implementation Plan as a key instrument for national, subnational, and local governments and all relevant stakeholders to achieve sustainable urban development.

A. The Transformative Commitments for Sustainable Urban Development
#nua18 - To fully harness the potential of sustainable urbanization, we make the following transformative commitments through an urban paradigm shift grounded in the integrated and indivisible dimensions of sustainable development: social, economic, and environmental.

B. Effective Implementation
#nua66 - We recognize that the realization of the transformative commitments set out in the New Urban Agenda will require national, sub-national, and local governments to ensure an enabling policy framework, integrated by planning and management of urban spatial development, and effective means of implementation at the national, sub-national, and local levels, complemented and supported by international cooperation.

C. Follow-up and Review


New Urban Agenda - #nua2030