These 35 countries have benefited from nominal debt service relief under HIPC with an estimated amount of about US$62 billion1:
Afghanistan Angola Benin Bolivia Burkina Faso Burundi Cameroon Central African Republic Chad Congo, Dem. Rep. Congo, Rep. Cote d'Ivoire Ethiopia Gambia, the Ghana Guinea Guinea-Bissau Guyana Haiti Honduras Liberia Madagascar Malawi Mali Mauritania Mozambique Nicaragua Niger Rwanda Sao Tome and Principe Senegal Sierra Leone Tanzania Togo Uganda Zambia

These are pre-decision point countries
Comoros Eritrea Kyrgyz Republic Somalia Sudan

Brief Description

Heavily indebted poor Countries Initiative



Participating creditors: all multilateral, official bilateral and commercial creditors.

The governments of highly indebted poor countries.


To ensure deep, broad and fast debt relief and thereby contribute toward growth, poverty reduction, and debt sustainability in the poorest, most heavily indebted countries.

Debt relief provided: External public and publicly guaranteed debt (Constraint Dictionary) is reduced to the HIPC Initiative thresholds2, as calculated at the time of the decision point.

See for a brief account on the evolution of the initiative, a.o. in response to criticism.

Time Window

Started: 1996
Ends: —