A Pillar of UN Chief Executives Board

The UNDG is one of the three pillars of the UN Chief Executives Board (CEB)1, which furthers coordination and cooperation on a wide range of substantive and management issues facing UN System organizations.

The CEB brings the executive heads of UN organizations together on a regular basis under the chairmanship of the Secretary-General.

Within the CEB structure, the High-Level Committee on Management works on system-wide administrative and management issues, the High-Level Committee on Programmes considers global policy issues, while the United Nations Development Group deals with operational activities for development with a focus on country-level work.

Brief Description

UN Development Group

URL: http://www.undg.org/


The 32 UN funds, programmes, agencies, departments, and offices that play a role in development.


To deliver more coherent, effective and efficient support to countries seeking to attain internationally agreed development goals, including the Millennium Development Goals.

Time Window

Started: 1997 (Established by the UN Secretary General)
Ends: ongoing

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