On March 21st, 2012 the Alliance for Aid Monitor Nepal held an Induction Workshop here1 as part of its project Enhancing Access to Aid information in Rural Nepal. Here the brief Workshop Report.

Some of the findings of the workshop are included in the dashboard.

Dhampuse Public Monitoring Window
Prabhat Kiran Sewa Samaj
Kalika Women Development Center
Nepal Newspapers
Nepali bloggers
(select those from Dhampuse)
Participation Content Steward
Access to Information officer

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Dhampuse's Development Circle & Dashboards

Communicating on development in Dhampuse by using a municipal or district Development Circle?
Health care, education, economic development, social protection, environmental protection, … It can all be addressed.

Your municipal or district development circle and dashboard is worth the effort.

And it is so easy to engage, as explained under the Blogger, Contributor tab of The Fringes section.

10 - Social Protection CBMS2 Poverty Indicators:
10. Poverty line?
11. Food line?
12. Food shortage?
09 - Education

Are there ISIC-9101 - Library and archives activities?

8. Elementary school?
9. Secondary school?
08 - Recreation,
culture and religion

Are there ISIC-9101 - Library and archives activities?

07 - Health
  • The participants also expressed dissatisfaction regarding the ineffectiveness of government institution like health post. They expressed grievances that "treatments in government health post are not effective because of high absenteeism of doctors, poor infrastructure and lack of a monitoring institution".
  • In the same issue one of the Health Post Worker defends by stating that "It’s the fault of Central Government because they have not provided the health post with adequate staffs".
1. Children's mortality?
2. Pregnancy related deaths?
3. Malnourished children?
6. Safe water?

06 - Housing &
4. Makeshift housing?
5. Squatters?
6. Safe water?
7. Sanitary Toilet facility?
05 - Environmental

04 - Economic Affairs

A - Agriculture, forestry and fishing:

13. Unemployed?

03 - Public order
and safety
14. Victim of crime?
02 - Defence
01 - General public services
  • AAMN Workshop (March 21): ''every participant agreed that NGOs, INGOs and the Government are unwilling to provide necessary information that falls under the scope of Rights to information. Therefore every institution should provide detailed information regarding the income and expenses of a particular project, the progresses and results frequently. This process will improve accountability; ensure that people are not deprived of their Right to Information and hence make development more effective."

The Fringes

Which initiatives are ongoing in your district or municipality?
Which initiatives are urgently needed, and why?

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