The #WWlgu tag of Iceland - #ISlgu in Europe is #ISlgu.

Check #WWlgu hashtags for a brief explanation on this kind of hashtag.

Check Your community leading sustainable development? #WWlgu for #LocalizingSDGs for the #WWlgu hashtags of local government units in other countries.

Learn about Iceland's administrative units, the region, via the Government Offices of Iceland, the Statistics Iceland website, and Bhutan's Geohive page.

svæðinu city (capital of region) #ISlgu Development data (Knoema)
Austurland Egilsstadir (East) #IS38 Data atlas
Höfuðborgarsvæðið Reykjavik (Capital region) #IS39 Data atlas
Norðurland eystra Akureyri (Northeast) #IS40 Data atlas
Norðurland vestra Saudarkrokur (Northwest) #IS41 Data atlas
Suðurland Selfoss (South) #IS42 Data atlas
Suðurnes Keflavik (Sudurnes) #IS43 Data atlas
Vestfirðir Isafjordur (Westfjords) #IS44 Data atlas
Vesturland Akranes (West) #IS45 Data atlas
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#ISlgu tags combine the ISO country code IS with the numerical part of the ADM1 Code for the region

Note: As there is no domestically defined geocode for each region, we use the numerical part of the ADM1 code1. Obtain that code from the ADM1 Code Search module by entering Iceland's GEC country code: IS2.

Sustainable development in Iceland - #ISlgu?

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If you publish a website or blog, you can also embed the Twitter timeline of a hashtag as explained at How to embed a #tag timeline in your website of blog? (Video on YouTube). There is a Twitter timeline embedded at #udhr19 - Freedom of opinion & expression; to seek & receive information.

Iceland - #ISlgu in Iceland has #WWlgu #tagcoding hashtag #ISlgu

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