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аймгийн city ( capital of aimag ) #MNlgu Development data ( Knoema )
Архангай Tsetserleg [Цэцэрлэг] (Arkhangai) #MN2000 Data atlas
Баян-Өлгий Olgii [Єлгий] (Bayan-Olgii) #MN10200 Data atlas
Баянхонгор Bayankhongor [Баянхонгор] (Bayankhongor) #MN20300 Data atlas
Булган Bulgan [Булган] (Bulgan) #MN20400 Data atlas
Дархан-Уул Darkhan [Дархан] (Darkhan-uu) #MN31900 Data atlas
Дорнод Choibalsan [Чойбалсан] (Dornod) #MN40700 Data atlas
Дорноговь Sainshand [Сайншанд] (Dornogovi) #MN30600 Data atlas
Дундговь Mandalgovi [Мандалговь] (Dundgovi) #MN30800 Data atlas
Говь-Aлтай Altai [Алтай] (Govi-Altai) #MN10500 Data atlas
Говьсүмбэр Choir [Чойр] (Govisümber) #MN32200 Data atlas
Хэнтий аймаг Undurkhaan [Єндєрхаан] (Khentii) #MN41800 Data atlas
Ховд Khovd [Ховд] (Khovd) #MN11600 Data atlas
Хөвсгөл Moron [Мєрєн] (Khovsgol) #MN21700 Data atlas
Орхон Erdenet [Эрдэнэт] (Orkhon) #MN22100 Data atlas
Сүхбаатар Sukhbaatar [Сїхбаатар [Сvхбаатар]] (Selenge) #MN31300 Data atlas
Төв Zuunmod [Зуунмод] (Tov) #MN31400 Data atlas
Улаанбаатар Ulaanbaatar [Улаанбаатар] (Ulaanbaatar) #MN52000 Data atlas
Увс аймаг Ulaangom [Улаангом] (Uvs) #MN11500 Data atlas
Завхан Uliastai [Улиастай] (Zavkhan) #MN10900 Data atlas
Өмнөговь Dalanzadgad [Даланзадгад] (Ömnogovi) #MN31100 Data atlas
Өвөрхангай Arvaikheer [Арвайхээр] (Övorkhangai) #MN21000 Data atlas
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About Mongolia

Mongolia: A Country Study (2001, ed. by Peter R. Blood, on-line version) published by the Federal Research Division of the US Library of Congress. The study offers a comprehensive description and analysis of the country's historical setting, geography, society, economy, political system, and foreign policy.