Social Architecture and actor classes macro, meso, micro, pico explained.

Also on United Nations: United Nations Statute/Treaty Book

The United Nations

The United Nations has been established by Art. 7 of the Charter of the United Nations [1], which was signed on 26 June 1945, in San Francisco. It is composed of six principal organs:

and (numerous) subsidiary organs (as have been found necessary) established in accordance with the Charter's article 57. An up-to-date overview of websites is provided at Alphabetic Index of Websites of the United Nations System of Organizations.

Today the United Nations includes organs covering most or all of the COFOG classes, as can be seen in the below tabs where some of the UN's organs are classified according to their area of focus (row: International)(to be completed).

The same tab-structure is used in Global Actors to classify non-UN international organizations, in European Union to classify European Institutions, and in Country Actor Maps for most countries of the world, to position national institutions.

Actors by COFOG/COPNI class & Closest to People

Actors COFOG 07:
COFOG 07 with detailed structure and explanatory notes at COFOG Division 07 - Health and government 07 function map
International World Health Organization (WHO) (Actor Atlas link)
7.1 - Medical products, appliances and equipment (also COPNI 02.1):
7.2 - Outpatient services (also COPNI 02.2):
7.3 - Hospital Services(also COPNI 02.3):
7.4 - Public health services (also COPNI 02.4):
7.5 - R&D Health (also COPNI 02.5):
7.6 - Health n.e.c.:
COPNI 02.6 - Other health services:

Actors for the Economy, Environment and Community

Actors COFOG 04:
COFOG 04 with detailed structure and explanatory notes at COFOG Division 04 - Economic affairs and government 04 function map
International UN Economic and Social Council (Actor Atlas link);
04.1.2 - General labour affairs: International Labour Organization
COPNI 07.2 - Services of labour organizations:
04.1.1 - General economic and commercial affairs: World Trade Organization (Actor Atlas link); World Intellectual Property Organization;
04.2 - Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (Actor Atlas link)
04.3 - Fuel and energy:
04.4 - Mining, manufacturing and construction:
04.5 - Transport:
04.6 - Communication:
04.7 - Other industries:
04.8 - R&D Economic affairs:
04.9 - Economic affairs n.e.c.:
COPNI 07.3 - Services of professional organizations:

Actors Strengthening Society's Foundations

Actors List of Member States
COFOG 01.2:
COFOG 01 with detailed structure and explanatory notes at COFOG Division 01 - General public services and government 01 function map
International 01.1 - Executive and legislative organs, financial and fiscal affairs, external affairs:UN General Assembly
01.2 - Foreign economic aid:
01.3 - General services: United Nations Statistics Division
01.4 - Basic research:
01.5 - R&D General public services:
01.6 - General public services n.e.c.:
01.7 - Public debt transactions:
01.8 - Transfers of general character between different levels of government:
COPNI 09.1 - Services n.e.c.:
COPNI 09.2 - R&D Services:
COPNI 07.1 - Services of political parties:

The Fringes

Missing Actors?

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