Initiative Books

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An initiative refers to a project, program or campaign that actors launch in order to improve or change a current situation, solve a problem, in some area of interest. For instance improve the performance of a government function, increase prosperity in a municipality, or increase productivity or reduce the environmental impact in a sector of industry.

A classic problem-solving cycle is the regulative cycle by Van Strien (1997). Assume moreover that in the social arena, there is an ongoing concern to solve multiple problems by multiple autonomous stakeholders.


The utility of the Actor Atlas and the alignment of monitoring and evaluation approaches in communicating, launching and advancing initiatives is explained in reference to the basic process steps of the regulative cycle, performed for each initiative:

  • Evaluation/Monitoring:
  • Problem definition/identification:
  • Analysis and diagnosis:
  • Plan of action/Design:
  • Intervention/Implementation:

An initiative could be international, for instance the UN climate talks, national, local or sectoral, or individual.

Local Initiatives

Local initiatives could be described in municipal or district level social capital wikis as illustrated by Nepal » Nārāyaṇī » Chitwan » Dhampuse.

Such wiki pages are nested in a country's social capital wiki.

Sector Initiatives

A small selection of sector initiatives.

Country Initiative Books

The initiative book of each listed country (below) is included in the prototype atlas. Each (partial) initiative book lists links to initiatives in the country, and for some initiatives a wiki page is included, as listed.

If an initiative should be added to an initiative book, then navigate to the country's initiative book and add the initiative under the suitable COFOG division.

International Initiative Books

A few international initiative books are included in the prototype atlas. Each (partial) international initiative book contains initiatives that matter to a group of countries, e.g. the member states of the United Nations, or the member states of the European Union.

If an initiative should be added to an international initiative book, then navigate to the initiative book and create a new initiative in it.


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