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The three activity realms are Operations, Monitoring & Evaluation, and Change.

Each of these realms matter to development and learning as explained in Interaction Dictionary:Three Realms.

These maps pay attention to each of the three realms:
Map Operations Monitoring & Evaluation Change
government (per COFOG Division) tabs Resources, Roles, Regimes tab Regime Assessments tabs Initiatives, Objectives
economy (per ISIC Section) tabs Resources, Roles tab Monitoring & Evaluation tabs Initiatives, Change
economy (per ISIC Class, under construction) tabs Resources, Regimes, Roles involved tab Regime assessments tab Objectives & Options
community engagement 2nd tab lists ISIC and COFOG maps with resources for Operations 1st tab: Authors can include assessments using indicators from CBMS1 for each COFOG Division (free format) 1st tab: Authors can include initiative descriptions (free format)