Abstract Definition

In mathematics a function is defined as an abstract entity that associates an input to a corresponding output according to some rule.

In the socio-technical domain there exist a large number resources that are affected by functions performed by actors, in their activities.

An Actor implementing a Function

An actor implements, or performs a certain function when it can realize the conversion of inputs into outputs in accordance with the function's rule.

The entities that can be the input or the output of functions performed by actors are described in the
Entity Dictionary.

An Actor's Function in an Interaction

A large number of functions are defined in the context of an interaction involving several actors, in a certain area and for some period of time.

Interactions and the functions they require are described in the Interaction Dictionary.

The collection of functions that are comprised in the interactions must be realized by capable actors. In the allocation of multiple functions to actors, conflict of interest must be avoided, and checks and balances must be ensured.