Full Name (abbr.): Association Songtaab-Yalgré
Socio-economic code:


Burkina Faso's rural women's association, Songtaab-Yalgré, has produced organic shea butter for export internationally for over 14 years. The association now works with 11 villages and over 3,000 women, distributing income equally amongst members of the collective.

Songtaab-Yalgré works on raising awareness of conservation and organic production and offers trainings on environmentally friendly agricultural practices. The association devotes a portion of its resources to HIV/AIDS education and literacy training for women and youth and sponsors "theatre forums" about pesticide use, HIV/AIDS prevention, and other issues. The association now works to distribute income equally among members of the collective.

Source: Equator Initiative Website


The association won the Equator Prize 2006 (see Equator Initiative (actor atlas))