This plantwise initiative was established to help the world's poorest farmers deal with pests and diseases and other plant health problems.

In a plant clinic local extension workers and plant doctors provide poor smallholder farmers with advice on demand, tailored to the farmer's individual need.

Further details: Plant clinics (Plantwise).

Farmer benefits:
  • Farmers visiting plant clinics in Bolivia benefitted by an average of $801 per hectare (Study)
  • Farmers in Bangladesh benefitted by an average of $325 or 24% increase in net income and a 9% increase in crop yields (study summary)


ISIC Section A - Agriculture, forestry and fishing

Countries with plant clinics: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Congo, Dem. Rep., India, Kenya, Nepal, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Peru, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Suriname, Uganda, Vietnam

The Fringes

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