As part of the Sustainable Energy for All Initiative, the United Nations Foundation has formed a global Energy Access Practitioner Network.The Network focuses on both household and community- level electrification for productive purposes, incorporating specific market-based applications for health, agriculture, education, small business, communities and household solutions.

This group brings together practitioners from the private sector and civil society working on the delivery of energy services and solutions related to electrification in a range of developing country contexts to develop a more integrated approach to energy access planning and execution in support of the Sustainable Energy for All objective of achieving universal access to modern energy services by 2030.

Network members are working together to catalyze the scale-up of renewable and low-carbon technologies and spur the market toward universal energy access. The Network’s particular focus is on the removal of market barriers to the effective delivery of energy services by promoting the adoption of new technologies and innovative financial and business models, as well as the identification and dissemination of best practices and advocacy for universal energy access.

Source: Energy access practitioner Network

List of the members of the Practitioner Network


ISIC Section D - Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply

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