A firm is a private or public sector entity active in one or more economic activities and producing products or services.

Small- and medium-sized firms will create most of the jobs that will be needed to help today’s poor escape poverty and for the 470 million who will enter the labour market by 2030.

Large firms have the money and expertise to build the infrastructure that will allow all people to connect to the modern economy. Big businesses can also link micro-enterprises and small entrepreneurs with larger markets. When they find a business model that works for sustainable development, they can scale it up fast, using their geographic spread to reach hundreds of millions of people.

Source: Report of the High-Level Panel on the Post-2015 Development Agenda (May 2013).


Firms are vital in (nearly) all industries in all countries of the world. The degree of regulation for a firm depends on the country where it operates and on its sector as determined by the relevant functions of government.
A firm will select the micro roles in which it will provide services, or products.

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