IFRRO works to increase on an international basis the lawful use of text and image based copyright works and to eliminate unauthorised copying by promoting efficient Collective Management of rights through RROs to complement creators' and publishers' own activities.

Website: http://www.ifrro.org/

  • respects the rights of individual creators and publishers to determine how their works are managed;
  • encourages management of rights and provides systematic and proactive support to RROs and supports joint efforts by authors, creators and publishers of literary and scientific printed works worldwide to establish RROs;
  • works to strengthen its role as the leading international body in fostering and providing information on reproduction rights and the collective administration of such rights;
  • encourages and provides opportunities for authors, creators, publishers and their representatives to meet, exchange information, collaborate and partner in respect of reproduction of copyright works, document delivery and certain digital uses of their works;
  • with its members, it deploys the highest ethical standards when dealing with the rights which they are involved in administering, with the collection and distribution of remunerations, and the funds they hold in trust.

Source: IFRRO's core values


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