You in a global cooperative creating, curating and sharing content using #tags, wiki, blogs, e-magazines, e-books, social media, ..?

As a local owner you fully own a wiki modelled after the Actor Atlas and social capital wikis with the aim to catalyse a local knowledge economy that is well connected to, and aligned with, both the global knowledge resources and the local economy and government.

The owned wiki primarily caters to a local audience and uses local languages (in addition to international languages). It may also attract foreigners interested in visiting or supporting a locality, or in doing (fair) trade.

Earning possibilities for local wiki owners who join a Wiki cooperative are explained in Art. 6 on Economic viability of the Convention on Knowledge Commons.

Multilingual content production is illustrated in below Actor Atlas pages using simple techniques that could be applied also at locally owned wikis, with the local languages:



Focal areas for the content in local social capital wikis would typically include:

The background of the local owner could be in these industrial sectors:

The Fringes

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