The person of the local, state, provincial or national government who ensures that government information is made publicly accessible in accordance with the Access to Information laws of the country.

At the municipal level, this could be done via a development dashboard such as Nepal » Nārāyaṇī » Chitwan » Dhampuse.

At the beginning of 2012, roughly 90 countries had specific Access to Information laws1.

A comparison of national and international AI laws suggest an emerging standard on the classes of information to be made available2:

  • Institutional information: Legal basis of the institution, internal regulations, functions and powers.
  • Organizational information: Organizational structure, information on personnel, names and contact information of public officials.
  • Operational information: Strategy and plans, policies, procedures, reports, evaluations - including underlying documents and data.
  • Decision-making process: Information on decision-making procedures including mechanisms for participation, sharing of data informing the decision-making process, final decisions and acts.
  • Public services information: Descriptions of services offered to the public, guidance, forms, information on fees and deadlines.
  • Budget information: Projected budget, actual income and expenditure, salary information, audit reports and other financial information.
  • Subsidies information: Information on the beneficiaries of subsidies, the objectives, amounts, and implementation.
  • Public procurement information: Information on public procurement processes, criteria, and outcomes of decisionmaking on tender applications; copies of contracts, reports on completion of contracts.
  • Lists, registers, databases: Information on the lists, registers, and databases held by the public body, including guidance on how to access this information.
  • Information held: An index or register of documents/information held, information on corresponding databases.
  • Publications
  • Information about the right to information: Information on legislation and how to request information, contact information for the responsible person in each public body.


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