Since its launch in 2010, AGORA has become the leading Portal for the parliamentary development community, uniting international organisations, parliamentary development experts and professionals, but also MP's, parliamentary staff, NGO's and civil society organisations active in the field of parliamentary development.

Twitter: @AgoraParl

AGORA is a one-stop reference center and hub for knowledge sharing on parliamentary development.

It provides a public website:

  • to learn more about parliamentary development;
  • to access the number one online library on parliamentary development;
  • to browse Parliamentary development projects implemented by many donors around the world;
  • to consult upcoming events.

It provides a trusted area:

  • to communicate and share knowledge with other practitioners;
  • to participate in or create a private discussion group;
  • to access crucial documents and updates on parliamentary development;
  • to stay up-to-date on recent developments in parliamentary affairs worldwide;
  • to follow the parliamentary development calendar.


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