A Professional Regulatory Board exercises administrative, quasi-legislative, and quasi-judicial powers over their respective professions. In the Philippines for example, a PRB preforms these functions subject to review and approval by a Professional Regulation Commission:

  • Prepare the contents of licensure examinations. Determine, prescribe, and revise the course requirements
  • Recommend measures necessary for advancement in their fields
  • Visit / inspect schools and establishments for feedback
  • Adopt and enforce a Code of ethics for the practice of their respective professions
  • Administer oaths and issue Certificate of Registration
  • Investigate violations of set professional standards and adjudicate administrative and other cases against erring registrants
  • Suspend, revoke, or reissue Certificate of Registration for causes provided by law

Example: Professional Regulatory Boards of the Philippines


It is active in the sectors of industry in which professions are regulated.

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