A member of the needy target groups, her or she is principal at the end of the delivery chain of Development Cooperation (and Public Administration).

  • It is a primary interest of the average citizen of the target group, that both donor organizations and recipient governments use aid resources provided by rich societies, and public resources provided by taxpayer, to respond to the socio-economic needs of poor members of society.
  • As a principal in the development cooperation, the citizen of target group needs at least a critical mass of information on the behavior of the agents in order to be able to monitor and to evaluate the appropriateness of their actions.
  • To the extent that political transformation strengthens the target groups in developing countries, the incentives of donor agents to respond to the principals’ needs will increase.

Source: Jörg Faust, Dirk Messner (2007) Organizational Challenges for an Effective Aid Architecture – Traditional Deficits, the Paris Agenda and Beyond.


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