There is one thing everyone using social media can do. It is sharing development content using sustainable development goal or target hashtags.

A Teacher's Association has teachers of a country as its members and aims to help improve their professional capabilities by:

  • Creating a forum for teachers to freely interact with each other in their language of teaching, and across languages
  • Facilitating the sharing of insights and best practices of teachers across the country
  • Providing access to resources, information and new experiments in education from all over the world, and in their language of teaching.

Source: Teachers of India; About Us

The Teachers of India Portal illustrates the activities and communication means of a Teacher's Association (in English and ten Indian Langugages).

A portal provides the most suitable means to collect and disseminate a wide variety of resources related to topics such as:

  • Education Perspectives (Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Economics, etc)
  • Classroom Practice (Principles of Pedagogy, Pedagogy of Language, Science, Mathematics, History, Geography, Political Science, Economics, EVS, Art, Music, Dance, Sports) includes manuals, activities, modules, tools, etc.
  • Subject Content (Language, Science, Mathematics, History, Geography, Political Science, Economics, EVS, Art, Music, Dance, Sports, etc.)
  • Stories, Songs, Games that teachers can use in class
  • Reading Resources (including links to other websites/portals/on line library
  • Research Information
  • Specific Case Studies
  • Information on organisations/Individuals/Resources
  • Career Information (government recruitment details and opportunities available in organisations and institutions)
  • Teacher education courses – both short term and long term
  • Workshops and Conferences
  • In-service training programmes
  • News/information/articles on relevant current events
  • Awards (honours)
  • Calendar of events


ISIC Class 8510 - Pre-primary and primary education
ISIC Class 8521 - General secondary education
ISIC Class 8522 - Technical and vocational secondary education
ISIC Class 8530 - Higher education

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