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Sustainable Development Target 02.5: by 2020 maintain genetic diversity of seeds, cultivated plants, farmed and domesticated animals and their related wild species, including through soundly managed and diversified seed and plant banks at national, regional and international levels, and ensure access to and fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from the utilization of genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge as internationally agreed
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For open data regarding this target see #SDG2 - End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture.

Several articles of the Addis Ababa Action Agenda or the New Urban Agenda describe possible initiatives. If these articles are not listed here, then look them up via Search the Actor Atlas using one or more of these terms benefit-sharing biodiversity cultivated-plants domesticated-animals farmed-animals genetic-resources seed-and-plant-banks seeds traditional-knowledge wild-species.

If you have questions, needs, ideas, answers, comments about "achieving this target near you" we recommend you to use also your neighbourhood's #WWlgu #tagcoding hashtag which can be found via Your community leading sustainable development? #WWlgu for #LocalizingSDGs.


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Spanish: #sdt025 - mantener la diversidad genética de las semillas, las plantas cultivadas y los animales de granja y domesticados
French: #sdt025 - Préserver la diversité génétique des semences, des cultures et des animaux d’élevage ou domestiqués et des espèces ...
Russian: #sdt025 - К 2020 году обеспечить сохранение генетического разнообразия семян и культивируемых растений, а также ...
Chinese: #sdt025 - 到2020年,通过在国家、区域和国际层面建立管理得当、多样化的种子和植物库,保持种子、种植作物、养殖和驯养的动物及与之相关的野生物种的基因多样性;根据国际商定原则获取及公正、公平地分享利用基因资源和相关传统知识产生的...
Arabic: #sdt025 - اةفاا عل التنوع الجيه للبذور والنباتات المزروعة واةيوانات الداجنة والأليفة وما يتصل بها من الأنواع البرية، بما في ...

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