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Sustainable Development Target 04.a build and upgrade education facilities that are child, disability and gender sensitive and provide safe, non-violent, inclusive and effective learning environments for all
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How to achieve? Where is action needed?

For open data regarding this target see #SDG4 - Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote life-long learning opportunities for all.

Several articles of the Addis Ababa Action Agenda or the New Urban Agenda describe possible initiatives. If these articles are not listed here, then look them up via Search the Actor Atlas using one or more of these terms child disabilities education-facilities gender-sensitivity learning-environment.

If you have questions, needs, ideas, answers, comments about "achieving this target near you" we recommend you to use also your neighbourhood's #WWlgu #tagcoding hashtag which can be found via Your community leading sustainable development? #WWlgu for #LocalizingSDGs.


In other languages

Spanish: #sdt04a - Construir y adecuar instalaciones educativas que tengan en cuenta las necesidades de los niños
French: #sdt04a - Construire des établissements scolaires qui soient adaptés aux enfants, aux personnes handicapées et aux deux sexes...
Russian: #sdt04a - Создавать и совершенствовать учебные заведения, учитывающие интересы детей, особые нужды инвалидов и гендерные ...
Chinese: #sdt04a - 建立和改善兼顾儿童、残疾和性别平等的教育设施,为所有人提供安全、非暴力、包容和有效的学习环境
Arabic: #sdt04a - أ ناء المرا ق التعليمية التي تراع الفروق الجنس ، واةعاقة، والأ فال، ور ع - مستوى المرا ق التعليمية القالأمة وتهي ة ...

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